In 1990, Peter Senge published “The Fifth Discipline”,
in which he suggested theories and methods to convert
companies into ‘learning organisations’.

Senge proposed five disciplines: Shared Vision, Mental Models,
Team Learning, Personal Mastery and a fifth discpline, System
Thinking, to bind all others together.

Much of Senge’s book is still…

The Key to Driving Business Performance through Learning

To transform L&D into a performance-driven function that is tuned-in to the business and offers learning at the point of need should be the ambition of every learning leader.

Learning is, without question, undergoing a renaissance. It wasn’t so long ago that…


There is a rainbow on the bed where you used to lie

A refraction of the light

A reflection of our nights

A transient spectrum that makes

me cry.

There is a cruel sun through the window where you used to stand

Watching and waiting

Not premeditating

The man with whom you once held hands

There is a breeze passing by, gentle and warm

A cloud in the sky, floating alone

A bird in the tree, as Spring feels due

But where now there is me, there isn’t a you.

Edmund Monk

I write about learning, arts, culture, digital, and people.

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